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Jamaica's official language is English, but a largely spoken language called Jamaican Patwa is used by many of the Jamaican citizens. I'm going to teach some phrases you need to know before going on a vacation to the Jamaican paradise. Add comments below for a direct translation within 24 hours.
What's up/What's going on--------------------Wah Gwaan
 I'm here---------------------------------Mi deh yah
How are you--------------------------A weh yuh deh pan
What are you up to---------------A weh yah gwaan wid
Good Morning--------------------------Mawnin
 I forgive you/I am good---------------Every-ting kris
I didn't do it---------------------------Mi neva dweet
It wasn't me-------------------------Ahh nuh me
This girl is very hot----------------Dah gal yah hot
Parking lot-------------------------Car-park
It is my phone----------------------Ah fimmmy phone
Can I have your number------------Mek mi get yuh numba nuh
Why you ask so much questions-----Wah mek yuh ask suh much questi-on fah
I don't feel right-----------------------Mi nuh feel right
Why does he drives my car so much----A wah mek him ahh drive up-drive up mi cyar suh
 I need a drink of beer-------------Me need fi full up pon sum red stripe
Stop eating my food----------Top nyam off mi food
Get away from here--------------Gweh from yah suh
God is on my side-------------------Jah deh pon mi side
What are they doing--------------------Weh dem a do
I'm going to get my friends together--------Mi ago link up mi friend dem
They are coming--------------------------Mi ah come
I am walking------------------------------Mi ah walk
Come here--------------------------Come yah
Yeah man-----------------------------Yeh mon
Do something------------------Do suh uhm nuh
I am going to punch you in you face------Mi ago tump yuh inna yuh face
I am a girls man-----------------------Mi ahh gyallis
Mixed people/Indians------------------Cooly
Play the song--------------------------Play di chune
Take it easy man----------------------Eazy nuh man
It's nothing------------------------------Ah nutting
Weed---------------------------------Spliff, highgrade, ganja, herb...
It's ok-------------------------------------No problem mon
You act like you are better than everybody----Yuh too gwaany-gwaany
Move your butt--------------------------Guh cotch yuh batty
It's time for bed-------------------------------Ah time fi guh wul ahh sleep
Im watching tv----------------------------Mi ah watch tv
The party is awesome----------------------Di pawty shot
Stop farting all over the place---------------Stop poop up di place
Im on my way----------------------------Mi soon come
He is a thief-------------------------------Im a teef
It's so dorn hot-----------------------------It hot nuh fenneh
I want to go home-------------------------Mi waan guh wome
I'm sick of this-----------------------------Mi sick ah dis
What are you doing?-----------------------Ah weh yaaah do?
Gay/Fag/Homo--------------------------Battybwoy/Chi-chi man
Who do you think you are talking to?---Ah who yuh tink yaaah talk to?
I am eating-------------------------------Mi ah eat
I am a true Jamaican--------------------Mi ahhh yaaady
Where are you going?-----------------Ahhh weh yaaahhh guh?
My girl is here--------------------------Mi gyal deh yah
I am a Jamaican------------------------Mi Jamaican/ Mi ah Yardie
Where the girls at----------------------Weh di catty/katty dem deh?
Foot----------------------------------Foot bottom
Leg-----------------------------------Miggle foot
Thigh---------------------------------Top part ah mi foot
 Shout out to...(when on stage)-------Big Up...(pon stage)
Meet me where I'm at----------------Fawud/link up
Yo Momma (don't ever say this to any Jamaican)------Guh suck yuh mumma


If this blog was of benefit to you, share it online. If you don't see what you want, comment a phrase below and I'll translate it within 24 hours if not right away. If you want to know more about Jamaica and what the country stands for, read below or go to Jamaican Facts.

                                                      Jamaican Facts

Geography: Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, also called "The West Indies". It is south of Cuba and 546 miles away from Miami,Florida. Jamaica is also the third largest island of the Greater Antilles, and the fifth largest island country in the Caribbean.

The 14 parishes in Jamaica are: Hanover, Saint Elizabeth, Saint James, Trelawny, Westmoreland, Clarendon, Manchester, Saint Ann, Saint Catherine, Saint Mary, Kingston, Portland, Saint Andrew, and Saint Thomas.

Jamaican Flag:
  • Green stands for agricultural resources and hope for a better future.
  • Yellow/Gold stands for sunshine and natural wealth.
  • Black stands for the hardships of Jamaica. 
Dr. Bird:
 The humming bird is Jamaica's National Bird. There is a belief that bad fortunes comes to those who kills the Dr. Bird, however these birds are clever and difficult to kill.

Coat of Arms:
  • The Pineapple represents the fact that it is an indigenous fruit.
  • The Tainos (The man and the woman) represents that they are the first inhabitants.
  • The Crocodile represents that this animal is the most indigenous of reptiles in the country.
  • The Royal Helmet and Mantlings represents the distinction provided by the Britain.
Although it is native to West Africa, ackee is Jamaica's national fruit. This fruit is very poisonous and deadly if not cooked properly. Ackee is usually eaten with saltfish making the meal Jamaica's national dish.

Lignum Vitae:
This is Jamaica's national flower. The flower was founded by Christopher Colombus and means "wood of life" in latin.

Other Facts:
  1.  Although Patwa is most spoken in Jamaica, English is the official language of Jamaica.
  2. 91.2% of Jamaicans are black, 6.2% are mixed, and 2.6% are other or unknown.
  3. Most popular sports are soccer/football, Track and Field, and Cricket.
  4. Christianity is the most practiced religion in Jamaica.
  5. Jamaica gained independence from Britain in August 6, 1962.
  6. Xaymaca was the name of Jamaica before Europeans colonized the land. Xaymaca means "Land of Wood and Water".

Go to  This Site if you want to know how to speak Jamaican.


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  5. "If a gyal a smell her arm
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